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If you have any questions regarding your order, please do not hesitate to contact us! You
can expect a reply within 1 business day. Our Customer Service email is

Please provide us the following information (if available) when emailing us:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address used to order our Application Package
  • Your questions and comments. You may write to use in your native language, but we are only able to respond in English.

I have already purchased your ESTA Online Application Package, but I haven't got it yet. How can I get it?
There are several ways to ensure you that you have received your order:
1) Please check your confirmation email which has all the download instructions.
2) If you are still on the confirmation page after check-out, you will have access to your purchase instantly.
3) Send us an email or forward your order email to us, and we will help you immediately.

Do I have to purchase your Application Package in order to apply for my own travel authorization?
It is not required to purchase our ESTA Application Package in order to apply for your U.S. travel authorization.

Can you help me retrieve my application number?
If you forgot to write down your ESTA application number, you must re-apply. Remember that your application number is only visible on your computer screen. The U.S. government will never send you any confirmation via email/fax/phone/etc. The confirmation number displayed on your computer screen is the only indication that your application is approved. If received your ESTA Application Number by phone, fax or email, you have not applied at the official U.S. government ESTA website.

Can you help me update my own travel authorization?
This is a private website which specializes in the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). We are not affiliated with any U.S. government agency. We do not have access to any U.S. government databases, and we cannot update any travel authorization on your behalf. We strongly discourage you from giving your private information to any "ESTA agent" or non-government website. If you need to update your travel authorization, we recommend you download our ESTA Application Package for detailed instructions.

Do Canadian citizens need to apply for ESTA?
Canada is not one of the 38 visa waiver countries, and Canadians cannot apply for ESTA. Canadian citizens are recommend to read about U.S. entry requirements at the Canada Border Services Website.

How long is my travel authorization valid for?
When you apply for your own travel authorization, it is usually valid for two (2) years. However, if your passport expires earlier, your passport's expiration date will be the date your travel authorization expires. If you lose your passport or change your name, gender or country of citizenship, you must apply for a new travel authorization. We recommend you download our ESTA Application Package for detailed information on the visa waiver program.

Disclaimer: is a private operated by travel consultants. is not affiliated with the United States government.

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